“It’s not personal” but it _so_ is! Code reviews are still one of the biggest sources of conflict in a team and can delay value delivery by days if not weeks. I’d like to tell you why that is but more importantly hand you a method that will let you focus on what’s important: the work. We briefly touch on the psychological mechanics at work during PRs, look at statistics to fuel decisions around commenting and then combine those two perspectives to create a solid code review etiquette for your team so you can achieve truly async non-blocking code reviews.


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Rick Kuipers at 20:28 on 11 Dec 2018

The speaker has a great delivery and he was pleasant to listen to. The talk itself was very informative and based on personal experience and decent research.

I would recommend this talk to anyone interested or involved in code reviews.

Having said that, a lot of concepts came up so not everything stuck. But at least I'm made aware of its existence and I can grab the slides if needed.

Great job ?