Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding


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Freek Lijten at 23:19 on 10 Feb 2015

Very nice. Good content, interesting idea's and the right amount of humour. I didn't keep track of time, but it felt a bit short?


Oh yeah, and the talk was pretty good too!
Great arguments and use cases, interesting subject overall.

This content is in basis pretty dry and could become boring quite soon. Not with Jeroen. I'm pretty impressed with the funny and interesting way he's brought the topic, which means people actually pay attention and ask the right questions afterwards. Thanks Jeroen!

Good talk! Theory and personal experience. Informative, right level for the audience, entertaining (quotes!).

I have nothing to add to the other comments. Examples were very helpful!
Would've been 5 thumbs up if it were a bit longer.