Code quality is not just for christmas, it is a daily part of the job. So, what do you do when you’re handed with a five feet long pole a million lines of code that must be vetted ? You call static analysis to the rescue. During one hour, we’ll be reviewing totally unknown code code : no name, no usage, not a clue. We’ll apply a wide range of tools, reaching for anything that helps us understand the code and form an opinion on it. Can we break this mystery and learn how everyone else is looking at our code?


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I really enjoyed this talk, there's so much more to static analysis than you see at first glance. I was a bit afraid it might become a sales pitch for Exakat, but it wasn't, at all. Very nice.

The only thing I noticed several times was the "oh, I don't have to explain this to you of course". Either ask if you need to explain, or just explain, there may always be people that don't know about something, so don't assume everyone knows.