WordPress: the good parts


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First of all, I think it's great to finally have had a wordpress speaker at the meetup. I think we all agree that the wordpress community and the rest of the php community should start sharing knowledge more.

I understand it's hard to go up there and try to convince people it's not all that bad, and I think you did a good job in not trying to convince people but instead explain why certain decisions have been made.

Only tip I can give you is be more confident in what you say, perhaps practicing more can help you do that..

As I told you last night, I think you took a really good approach to talking about this subject in front of people that are generally not WordPress-lovers. The combination of funny remarks and bringing your serious point across worked really well. The most important thing that can be improved is to ensure the talk is not cut up into seperate blocks without relation. It sometimes felt like you were doing several small talks right after eachother.