Not all projects are created equal. Next to those awesome projects where everything is perfect, including the end product you deliver to the client, there's also the projects you hate and wished you'd never taken on. During this talk, I'll tell you about some of the projects I've been on that were all but perfect and how I handled them, or should've handled them.


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Rick Kuipers at 23:26 on 9 May 2017

This talk provides good pointers for dealing with different types of projects in different types of organizations, especially for freelancers. For the experienced developer this may be a talk that hits a lot of obvious points, for others this may be a good opportunity to learn from someone who's gone through the process numerous times. Either way it's fun to share these experiences and come up with good strategies.

The feedback I'd like to give is to make the slides more engaging which would also provide more structure to the story.

Tim Hofman at 18:11 on 11 May 2017

I really like talks which are about sharing knowledge of the lessons somebody learned. Even though some projects you mentioned were before you used an Agile approach, it's still valuable information, because you learned from it. And you want to share it to prevent that somebody makes the same 'mistakes' you did.

Specifications, specifications, specifications. The power of repetition. Your message is clear.

I enjoyed the subtle jokes during your talk, keep them in your talk! I think everyone can appreciate a joke now and then. A good addition from the audience was managing expectations, which you could add to your talk.