Rock Solid Deployment of PHP Apps


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great talk. learned a lot about deployment tools and deploying the right way.

Excellent talk. I learned a lot about automating deployments and best practices. I'm looking forward to digging through the slides.

Very very good introduction to the topic.
I got a lot of pointers to explore.

Very good intro to this topic as Alessandro said.

Coming from a team that's already implementing many of these practices I wished there was a little bit more of a deep dive into some of the tools mentioned and how Pablo has leveraged them in his projects. Looking forward to going through the slides again and researching some of the tools mentioned.

No doubt a great starting point for someone just getting into the deployment of complex apps.

A great talk that covered a wide variety of tools and techniques for deployment. There were a few tools I've never even heard of, so it's given me some things to read up on. Thanks.