Not Your Grandmother’s WordPress


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Thanks for rating my talk! Here's a gist with most of the resources I mention in the talk. Please tweet at me (@rhodesjason) if you have any questions!

Great talk, lot's of good information. Wordpress has come a very long way.

Hope you don't mind, I'll be swiping some of the information discussed for my PHP Meetup next week :)

Anonymous at 12:58 on 14 Nov 2013

Very interesting!

Anonymous at 13:03 on 14 Nov 2013

Good overview of new techniques.

Anonymous at 13:03 on 14 Nov 2013

Nice overview of more current technologies with WP. Very much appreciate the ideas and the links.

Anonymous at 16:27 on 14 Nov 2013

Decent introduction to wp capabilities

Very good talk! Lot's of interesting approaches to using WP