Have you ever wondered how to enhance your app’s performance after fine-tunning the very last bit of your current PHP stack? Maybe it’s time to think of an alternative!

Let me convince you to ditch your PHP-FPM server and embrace the world of ReactPHP! Yes, you’ve heard of ReactPHP, but that’s “too experimental” for you. Guess, what: it’s not, thanks to PHP-PM, a ReactPHP process manager, you can give your app a nice performance boost with an alternative production-ready application server.

Prepare yourself to dive into the lifecycle of a PHP request (compilation, opcode generation, memory allocation, execution, IO...) and to understand why there’s not much more room for performance improvements using the current stacks. We will also discuss the pros and cons of the ReactPHP + PHP-PM approach using a Symfony 4 app as an example, including developer experience and deployment options with containers.


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