Dependency Injection in PHP 5.2 and 5.3


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Great presentation and great topic approach. Nicely done! Will look at the slides later on again.

Good introduction... closures are cool but confusing :-)

Very good presentation. Interesting stuff, which I will (have to) look into depth a bit more at home. I'm not a symfony guy, so he lost me in the last part a bit when he started juggling with Symfony yaml and xml files.

some good real world examples on lambdas and closures. Interesting piece of code based on these showing a dependency injection container. The talk invites you to start playing with the features at home.
However I must agree with Amazium on the Symfony part.

But overal a very good presentation!

I enjoyed this talk. It was a good balance of the basic concepts followed by a trivial implementation, followed by a good real world example. This format really encourgaed me to look at the slides again and check out the code.

Although not a Symphony user, the last demonstration intrigued me. Perhaps I will try and use the tool in a future project.

Extremely informative talk. First time I saw real practical use of lambdas and closures.

Very nice and professional presentation. Source formatting in code samples was unreadable (the purple) but otherwise no issues. Nice introduction to closures in php 5.3 and i'm very exited in Symfony 2 after seeing the code samples!

Very useful to see an example of lambdas and closures in practice. Nice intro to the essence of the 'dependency design pattern' and easy to follow, despite the complex nature of the last pieces of code.

Being able to present a difficult topic in an understandable way is a talent few possess.

Very nice presentation about Dependency Injection. And a nice example on how to use some new PHP 5.3 features for the purpose of a Dependency Injection container.

Excellent presentation. In contrary to many sources of information about dependency injection it clearly demonstrates how DI and DI containers can improve the way we work with code. Despite its seemingly simple implementation.

I must concur with previous statements that the purple (red?) text was not readable, even from a close distance.

Additionally the piece of code where it was showing a lamba in a another closure being used as callback (last step in creating the DI Container), I could not immediately spot how it should work due to its complexity (though I did figure it out whilst the slide was shown).

Nonetheless: great presentation!

Very good presentation by Fabien Potencier. Below is a small review:

Presentational stuff:
Too bad some code was not really readable on the projection screen. The purple color on the black slide could only be read from close by.
But that didn't really have an impact on the presentation.

The sound of this presentation was good and I could hear everything he said, in despite of other presentations where this wasn't the case.

Technical stuff:
He made some very interesting use of the new lambda and closure functionality in PHP 5.3 and actually provided a practical usecase example for people who might not have yet seen any practical usages for this specific new functionality.

Not only because of this alone the talk was already useful to view, it was also because he showed us how we could take advantage, and how we couldn't take advantage of Dependency Injection.

When should we use it, and when shouldn't we, and what approach should we take and which shouldn't we? Those are the questions he answered, and those are the ones he should have answered.

Bonuspoints for the technical content :).

I really liked the way everything was introduced, Fabien started with basics for every fraction of his code. Didn't see practical use of lambdas before and this made it all a lot clearer!

Very good presentation. Dependency Injection is an item to really think about. I would love to here more about Symfony once :-).