Generating dynamic PDFs using Zend Framework and JavaBridge


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Although Eric wasn't able to attend due to the bad weather it was really nice to see that a web-presentation at a conference can work out really well. The only 2 things missing was interaction with the facial emotions or raising hands (as mentioned on a slide *LOL*), and asking questions was a bit harder but not impossible.
The talk itself started of with some Zend talk, but I can't blame Eric for that, Zend is still the company that made it all possible for us.
And even though the talk was aimed at PDF and Zend Framework, the Java Bridging was the most interesting. Never knew it could be that easy! To get into the generating PDF part much more knowledge is needed on that, and I don't see myself going through that in the near future. But I still keep the possibility in mind and might have a second look at this presentation then.

It was nice to see an example of the Java Bridge, till now I didn't realize this could be so easily done. The PDF/ZF part was less interesting for me personally but I would really like to see a presentation with the JavaBridge as main subject.

Interesting demonstration of the javabridge. The PDF part was less interesting personally, but I think I'll keep an eye on the apache fop project for possible future implementations.