Get the most out of Solr search with PHP


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Learned a lot, very knowledgable speaker

Nice subject especially if you need more than Zend_Lucene.

Good presentation, good handling of questions

Slides anywhere?

Good but either theoretical approach; tips and tricks were welcome.

Good talk, but you should bitch more about ZSL ;-)

Very interesting talk, I really need to get into the subject when I have time. Paul definitly looked like the expert on the subject, but it also was a bit much for a complete Solr n00bie like me. It still feels like implementing Solr will be costy on my dev-time.

Very nice presentation, with a lot of good content and a good knowledge of the product. Learned a lot and it just gave me a lot of more work, because after seeing the presentation i have to throw away our own lucene impementation and migrate to Solr, thanks a lot! :)

Even though the talk was a bit more technical than I expected. I really became very interested in finding more info about SOLR.

It was very clear that Paul was a total expert on this subject and the questions that were asked were always answered very clear and precise.

The time frame was a bit short, I think if you would devide the talk in 2 timeslots it would be even more usefull for people. With even more examples.

Very good presentation Paul!

Paul is a real expert when it comes to Solr. He really knows his stuff. The downside to this I think is that he tried to but too much info into one presentation. It really gets too technical at times which is a shame.

Chances are good I'll be implementing SOLR on a project soon, so I really enjoyed the info Paul was able to provide.