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Not even halfway through yet and it's already awesome. I don't agree to the applicability of all of the points but the presentation as a whole is something every developer and manager should have seen.

Sigh, I want to give 10 thumbs up, but 5 is the max.

Awesome speaker & talk!

Cal at his best. Inspiring and entertaining talk.

excuse me, the above comment was mine ^_^

As with all of Cal's talks I've seen, this again was a very good and inspiring talk. Although the situation that Cal talks about is probably about Utopia, I'm pretty sure everybody can take some advantage of the talk by translating the beautiful world that's sketched to their own situation.

An excellent talk. As a developer I thought this talk wouldn't really engage me. Totally wrong. It was great hearing how things 'should' work in a nerd heard. It gives me something to compare my future employers to when looking at prospective workplaces and a philosophy to aspire to when I take on the responsibility in the future.

I've seen a few of Cal's talks now and it was overly clear that he is passionate about this and it showed. He gives solid reasons and examples, while weaving it all in a very pleasant to listen to story driven approach to talks. Cal Evans at his best.

I did feel sorry for project managers at some point. Project managers are people too you know!

Great inspirational talk, just hope it's all still relevant In the real world once the rose tinted glasses come off on Monday morning ;) As someone who's a C-level developer working all this out it certainly helps to see that there's hope yet!

Awesome talk. Inspiring, engaging and full of great ideas any development team should be applying. Glad to have my CEO in the room, because I could never sell it the way Cal does.

Excellent talk, entertaining, tweetable and to the point! A big thumbs up!

Everything I wanted to hear and more. Some really good points were made. If only 'some other persons' would understand it...

You really 'get it'!

A great and inspiring talk. And very entertaining as well :). Also some opensource projects can learn from this!

I really enjoyed this talk. Ofcourse this wasn't the first time for Cal to stand for an audience. His talk was spot on. With a lot of examples from real life experience were very helpfull to understand some thing a lot better.

This talk was really ment to get people thinking about the subject and I think you managed to do this! I really will keep the advice and tips you gave in mind!

Looking forward to more stuff Cal!

A definite must see and must hear!
If you are a developer and, by chance, your manager has not yet seen this: let him (a.k.a. make him).

The contents of this talk are actual and relevant to many projects out there. I can only conclude that managers (and higher) should heed the advices given.

Great talk by Cal Evans, loved the topic and the approach. Got a lot's notes and *ideas* there are some people that should fear now :)

Looking forward for continuation!

I agreed with most of the points in his presentation and I hope a lot of developers as well as managers and even people at C-level will think about this presentation and work on it in his company. It would be so much better if we all (at least) respect each other and let every one be responsible for his part of the project.

In general Cal is fun to listen to and is a great authority in our profession.

Great talk, really enjoyed it, very inspiring and spot on on a lot issues developers deal with on a daily basis.