PHP and the Cloud


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Surprised by just how much content Ivo managed to fit into this presentation without rushing through it. The overview of the various services, how they fit together and the various pros and cons of them. Enjoyed the mix of high-level summaries and business considerations with the inclusion of code examples on how to use a few of the services (font could have been a bit bigger though).

A few places where I wasn't convinced that the applications mentioned were necessarily "cloud" apps, but then maybe that's indicative of the first part of the presentation explaining how we're at the top of the hype curve at the moment.

I liked the way Ivo started by looking at the hype curve and assessing how relevant the cloud will be in the future (very!). The information about platform as a service was new to me (i had only heard of SAS and hardware as a service).

In my opinion the highlight of the session was the last part on making yourself as a developer ready for the cloud. It defined a clear mindset you can take away when starting new projects event if you aren't producing sites that requires 8 images to operate (yet!).

I struggled to see the code examples from the back of the room.

Nice roundup about php and the cloud. Would have likes to see more of the php glue in the ibuildings way slide but overall a very comprehensive overview