PHP applications/environments monitoring: APM & Pinba


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Interesting topic, well presented apart from the live demos which had issues die to another failed laptop. Will definitely follow up on this.

2 great topics in the talk. Will give a try on apm and pinba. Looking forward for the developments on this.

The concepts and content is good, but the executing of the presentation could be done better by rehersing and walking through it before a presentation.

The ideas of the software presented in the presentation was interesting, but like the other comments mentioned ill prepared. Technical issues, and not knowing what would happen with some real time examples didn't sell the products very well.

But overal interesting talk.

Although I do have lots of trust in APM and Pinba and also know these guys could give a demo that raises some oooohh's and aaahh's this time it was different. I'm sorry to say but I had hoped to see it all in action.

Like others said before, ill prepared which made it difficult to follow. Also, leave the introducing of each other for the social and skip to the technical part of the presentation right away.

I am sure APM and pinba are interesting pieces of software, but the talk could not convince me and had too little usefull information in it.

I was not very impressed to be honest. While both projects are "young" and there might not be a lot of polish, it just didn't come across as well thought out due to technical issues, missing demonstration files and language issues (and the fact that lunch was long overdue). But don't let this come across that the presenters were bad or the technology sucked, it just didn't come across like it should have.

Besides the technical problems in the beginning I found the presentation OK. It was an interesting subject, but not really well structured. Because of the technical problems it was hard to fit everything in the remaining time.

I think it would have been better to do a talk on one of the two subjects and not the both at the same time. The project you guys are working on looks really promising, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

I would really sign up for another talk when the projects are in a more mature fase.

Keep it up Patrick & Davide

Unfortunately this talk lost a lot of points due to technical difficultys.
The topic and applications themselves look promising but are really still in an early stage.
I'll be looking forward to hearing more from APM en Pinba in the future.