PHPillow & CouchDB & PHP


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Phpillow was only mentioned briefly, most of this presentation was another intro to couchdb. Nice if you're new to the concept but it was advertised differently in the schedule. Talk style itself was good and examples were clear

Ir was a nice talk. I would like to see a more pratical talk about couchdb instead of the usual "here's how it works" ,just an idea. Great introductory talk.

Good talk, but I am more interested in the map-reduce stuff and phpillow instead of what couchdb is

Was hoping to see a bit more about PHPillow, but there were some good points in there about the considerations for how you format the your data for CouchDB. Would have like to see a bit more detail on the specifics, but came away with some things to research.

Very nice talk, I still really like the idea behind CouchDB and now my PHP is at the right version I will definitly have a look. Although as an improvement I could recommend using more real life examples of PHPillow and CouchDB so people will see how it works, what it does and how they can benefit from it.

I agree with other commenters that the talk should have just been named couchDB & php. But the talk was a great overview of couchDB, what it is and what it's not. solid stuff.

Like a lot of others, I would have liked to see a bit more of PHPillow and PHP usage of CouchDB and map-reduce in general. Or maybe the inner workings of PHPillow. I think most of us are past the "introduction to CouchDB/NoSQL" phase by now.

I had heard about CouchDB, but not studied NoSQL databases before. So for me the introduction to CouchDB was taxing enough. Maybe two sessions would have been more appropriate for such a large topic. There is no way you can explain NoSQL database, MapReduce and how to do it all from SQL in an hour.

It was clarifying, but I would also have expected practical examples of map/reduce. I would also love some case studies where couchDb shines and RDBMS would be a bad choice. I found no answer to the question 'When to use couchDb'. Touching on some exotic possibilities of the technology would have been nice.

I never really had ever heard of couchDB. So I found the subject really interesting. Since the talk was a bit to technical for me I didn't understand everything of it, but it got me excited to get more info on it.

Overall a good talk, but maybe a bit to advanced for people who aren't known to this subject.

I agree with earlier commentators that this talk does not really cover PHPillow. It was nonetheless a great introduction for those who do not know about CouchDB at all.

I personally would have liked to see a more practical approach to the use of CouchDB, in specific with regards to the querying for information and best practices in using CouchDB.

Nice presentation, but too technical at times. I don't have the feeling the message of the purpose and real-live applications for couchDB got across to the audience.