The PHP Universe


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Well done, only bit that was a bit shady was the bit about other languages

Good talk; sometimes a bit to fast and it got me hungry for sure for some more information about certain parts.

An interesting talk. Well delivered and with good slides.

Interesting overview of the PHP universe. Nice presentation style.

very good opening keynote. Lots of humor but I felt like I saw the material a couple of times before in other keynotes. Than again the topic is really interesting and it was a fresh take on it. I enjoyed it.

Didn't mind the stabs at other languages, I interpreted as just poking fun a bit at the other languages.

The rest of the talk was a good solid overview of the PHP community, and other stuff. It reminded me a lot of Andrei's talk last year on DPC though.

It seemed to lack a bit of energy though in the presentation, but perhaps that was more because it was early and I wasn't fully fully awake yet.

Nice talk, but i did not always agree. While i can follow the need to entice volunteer open-source developers to fix issues, i do believe that the professional ethics of a group that produces software should consider a bug in software they produce/maintain to be enough of a reason to fix it. And is there are parts that are not maintained, move then to unsupported plugins on pecl and not let them rot unsupported in the main tree.

An interesting opening keynote, but at some point I wasn't really focused anymore. I would mainly say this was because I wasn't yet fully awake and I think that towards the end the talk became a bit to long.

Besides all that I think the talk was well written and the slides were good. I liked the humor.

Good talk!

Despite some hick-ups with the audio the keynote was able to provide a good overview about the state of the PHP ecology and some of its perceptions.
The slides and pictures on them are well done and match the atmosphere of the keynote, although the picture used with the documentation team doesn't match the documentation team themselves.

Very good explanation of how a community (should) work and how and why you should contribute to that community.
Second time I heard Derick speaking and liked it as much as the last time on PFcongreS.

Interesting topic, good slides, good speaker.
Some technical issues (bad sound) kind of ruined the talk...
I also didn't always agree on some issues and have seen Derick give better talks...