Advanced CouchDB


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Nice overview of the advantages of CouchDB. The code examples were hard to read though.

Very nice talk. It really gave me new insight to CouchDb. Only the slides were not very relaxing. Also the talk could be longer. ( or talk slower )

Good overview and teaser on CouchDB

I liked the fact that this talk was a bit more advanced and in-depth compared to the average 101 "getting started" talk (I've seen enough of those by now :D). The contents was really good and the presentation was nice and relaxed. The way how Sander answered some of the questions from the audience proved to me that he really knows a lot about the subject.

I have to agree with the others on the code sample slides though, as they were way too dark and pretty much unreadable (even from the front row).

Besides that minor problem the overall talk was really good.

I liked the talk even without no experience with CouchDB. Only sometimes you where talking a bit to quick and then it was a bit difficult to follow, But overall great presentation

Nice talk. Great energy from Sander, what unfortunately meant that he sometimes talked a bit to fast.
Slides were sometimes hard to read, but the presentation was very nice.

Next time I'd actually like a demo of some more advanced implementations (multiple master db's of mysql with couchdb system combination)

Considering this was only his second talk, he did very well.

Talk with speed! Although the title said advanced it was the right level for me. Enjoyed it.

The title of this talke lived up to its expectations. Like Harry, I'd seen some introducing talks about CouchDb (among them one from Sander). So I'm glad this talk got to the advanced part of CouchDb very soon.

One point of critique: The slides with code were very hard to read, due to the lighting in the room and the resolution of the beamer.

Keep up the good work!

This was a nice introduction about the more advanced functions of CouchDB.
I'm unfamiliar with the NoSQL principle, but this talk was a nice teaser.

I liked the fact that there was a short introductional part.
Code examples were a bit hard to read though.

Astonished by the progression CouchDB project has made these last 2 years. The talk was very very interesting, but sometimes hard to grasp. A matter of too little time off course. As Harrie says: luckely it wasn't just an intro.

Suggestion: why not organise a tiny couchDB conference ?

Great stuff again.

Very interesting - even for us newbies, but the pace was probably a bit too high (a code-only slides deserves a moment to digest). But yes, work on the colour contrast, slow down and this is a killer talk

I got out of the room and actually had a solution (using CouchDB) for a technical problem of ours in mind. What more can you wish for. :-) The colour contrast of the code did suck.

After seeing Kore Nordmann's talk about CouchDB I was very interested in someone else's view since I still didn't have the time to check it out. And Sander really has a very good talk to make things even more clear. Especially the pace of it was very good, and it was very well balanced between using CouchDB and combining it with PHP.
The only thing missing was the right contrast on the slides to actually read the code. But I bet that won't be a problem anymore next time this talk is given.

Although I had no knowledge on couchDB, this talk gave me a good introduction on the subject. Judging by the title I was afraid it might be a bit too advanced, but that was not the case.
As said before, the code examples were a bit difficult to read.