Caching and tuning fun for high scalability


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Cool tutorial. Gave a good insight on tools & techniques for data caching & performance tuning. Some benchmarking wouldn't have harmed, but all choices were wisely explained so to let attendance easily understand what can be the benefits of adopting explained techniques. Definitely glad of having attended it!

Bird's eye overview of caching & tuning techniques.
I'd wish Wim assume he's talking to seasoned developers and pull in really geeky stuff, php/memcached, nginx, tricks.

For a 'developing story', looking forward to see it popular as it gained some momentum.

Would have liked more depth. Especially in the beginning a lot of time was spent on explaining basic concepts that I believe the audience would already be aware of, considering the title of the talk.

Other than that, the talk was clear, there was plenty of time for questions and they were handled well. A decent amount of real-world tips that provided food for thought. I enjoyed it.