Charsets & Encoding


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Interesting stuff. I miss a bit more hands on examples though. You should work a bit on your presentation style.

Bottom-line use UTF8! Unless you really don't have a choice because of rare bugs in clients ( browser/ email client)

Good talk. Encoding and Charset management can be a pain, the talk showed why.

Showed a lot of places where it can co wrong. Good talk! UTF-8 is the best option. MSSQL a big pain compared to Mysql/Postgresql ?

Interesting talk on a (frequently) daunting subject. Kore managed to spot important areas of concern and also warned about some common pitfalls (IE conversion between encodings, multibyte unsafe functions and so on). Definitely useful info for everyone. A few more practical examples (esp. on the db<->app data exchange) wouldn't have hurt, but I've definitely enjoyed the talk. Recommended

I would've written what maraspin wrote.
Interesting and indeed a daunting subject, definitely recommended!

Very interesting and far too familiar topic. It would have been interesting to have some examples of legacy code trouble shooting.

Only saw the last minutes + questions at this talk. Also looked at the slides.
A subject that everyone runs into and most people have difficulty with. This talk and slides helped a lot!

Interesting talk, although it wasn't clearly structured. I had a hard time determining where the talk was going. I also feel insufficient time was spent on a conclusion, i.e. teaching the best practice.

The speaker seemed to assume that people knew to use UTF-8 and why. Still learned more about the origin of the problem though, and about the confusion between charsets and encodings.