Developing search applications with Apache Solr & PHP


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a very good intro in the search module building, with simple and tested tools

+ a lot of detail about the capabilities of Solr
+ pinned down the Solr disadvantages as well

- a learn-by-example step-by-step approach (e.g. "how to add to my website a full search engine with facets included") would get the audience more involved, especially for those who are not familiar with the environment

Very nice tutorial, as part of the crew I didn't get all of it because I still had work to do. But I caught just enough to get a Solr installation running and find the GUI to look for the things Paul teached us from there on out.

A nice introduction to Solr. The speaker used the available time well. Gave me enough information to get started on my own.

Great balance of theory and technical instruction, and examples.
Filled in the blanks for me and a valuable starting point for my future applications requiring search functionality.