Geolocation & Maps in PHP


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Enjoyable, non-php talk at a PHP conference. Given me a number of ideas for things to follow up on post-conference :)

Actually I expected an higher quality considering the name and related expectations. Being javascript the basis of the talk, it should have been *at least* unobtrusive. Otherwise what quality are we talking of?
References to not used technologies didn't provide value to the audience.

He gave some nice alternatives for know technologies and showed some cool examples what you could do with them. All in all a pretty enjoyable talk.

I liked all the demos; gave me some ideas for future projects.

+ the demos were really showing nice capabilities and gave a lot of ideas for future projects
+ great humour
- a bit more balance when talking OpenStreetMap vs GMaps vs Yahoo! Maps, people are sometimes constraint to use one or the other

I didn't know openstreetmap was this advanced, really interesting stuff. The difference between the different mappings was an eye opener as well, and I loved the presentation style with the coding examples and all, keep it up!

Thanks for the reminder of openstreetmap!
That was just the feature I needed in a project...

For the rest, great examples to show what you can do with the geotools.
Work on the javascripts though! ;)

Very interesting subject. I won't be using this on my current projects, but great to know about some of the possibilities.
Was a great talk, thanks!

Nice to see that there are more map providers than just Google.

Tough to rate this talk. Speaker definitely gave an interesting introduction to geolocation coordinate systems and related relevant issues. He also provided a very good overview of openstreetmap (apparently a valid provider alternative to Google) and its capabilities. This surely offered very good hints and most likely saved a lot of headbanging. At the end, my rating is so low though, because of 2 shortcomings, which I consider rather serious. The major one is not having adequately taken into account PostgreSQL (offering a lot of useful built-in geolocation features). The second (minor) is the quality of the presented JS code. Which I consider too important within the scope of a similar talk to be completely ignored. Interesting presentation nevertheless. With a few integrations it can definitely express all of its great potential.

OpenStreetMap needs more evangelism. Surprised that people do not take it more serious.
Didn't got 'tho the 'in PHP' as the talk was focused on JS interface and not pure geo-calculation / reverse geo-coding or PHP libraries.

Nice to see a talk that points people to other stuff (openstreetmap and openlayers) than google maps. Well done introduction on geographical coordinates. But pretty strange to ignore postgresql+postgis, since it is by far the most advanced database for geographical information.

While I would have liked to see more PHP in this talk, I have no idea how there could have been. It was very informative, and I learnt alot.
Will certainly be influencing my decisions on which mapping system to embed in the future, google maps really isn't the only choice!