Harness The Power Of Sed And Awk


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Good session for a topic that could be a potential minefield! Was hard to keep concentrating due to lots of code slides (or could be the beer from last night!)

great talk with lots of usable example and good jokes!

well-structured presentation, starting from the beginning and taking examples gradually to get you in the mood
I'll definitely use information from this presentation in the near future, thx Joshua

Great introduction to awk and sed with just the right amount of humour to not feel lost. I think I will let sed p(ee) more often now.

Nice talk about such a simple though powerful tool! I only use sed now and then to replace the database name in a > 7GB mysqldump, but I never knew about all the extra options (like line delimiting, peeing, etc.).

This is how a technical none-hands-on talk should be. Without touching my macbook I had some realworld examples of the power behind sed and awk. All examples were very clear and easy to understand. Joshua clearly has a talent of explaining something difficult in simple terms.

I wouldn't have minded the whole talk being about sed though, would have had some more real-life value then since now i still need to look up 95% of everything i want to do with sed :)

Great talk. I like this kind of talks: showing some example to get you going, some humor, ...

I will try to use sed in the future thanks to this talk.

Good talk, well brought. But, I would extend it with other tools like cut, grep, head, find and others (mabe some bash tricks). These are sometimes easier to use when the job is not too hard, and also very underestimated.


Very true. I'm considering doing such a presentation in the near future. Bash is truly something that is underestimated by a lot of users (for instance, the simple things like ctrl-r or using group commands {}).

This was a refreshing talk, while the tools have their specific goal they can be very powerful indeed.
I'm one of those people who'd like to see more tools in one session (maybe in a bit less detail), so the powers of UNIX will become more clear to developers.

But I must admit Joshua is a very good speaker with a good balance between fun and knowledge. I bet we'll be hearing a lot more from him.

Nice talk. I'll be using these to get out of my comfort zone ;)

Good talk and a good introduction for sed and awk. Most people don't think a tool such as these can help them doing things much faster. Starting to use a tool like these from scratch is a lot of work.

The examples were good and made more complicated in steps, that makes it more easy to understand.