HipHop For PHP


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Nice overview of what hip hop can do and when it's useful. I do fear it is mostly useful to people having to deal with highly scalable sites. Well presented.

Great talk, love the accent !

Always interesting to hear a Facebooker speak, it's always with passion and interest. This talk was no different.

Hearing about these large-scale deployments and difficulties they face, always presents nice uses cases which he managed to use to keep the audience interested.

For me this talk was to technical. Although it was interesting to see how Facebook solved a large problem by creating HipHop I didn't understand everything and that made me sometimes lose interest during the talk.

The live example in compilation was cool to see and really shows what a big difference HipHop does make.

My advice would be to maybe make the talk a bit less technical, and show more examples.

I thought this talk was awesome on so many different levels. Scott had great energy and passion. The content was mind blowingly interesting and he actually had realtime examples. I have nothing to add, except maybe that he shouldn't spend to much time debating with some people in the audience, but stick to the presentation, because the end went by a little to fast for my taste.

This talk made me realise how diverse the php world is. The problems Facebook face are things a lof php developers never have to worry about. Really cool to see the solutions they came up with. Scott managed to deliver the content with great passion.

Good session, nice to see the progress in the last ~year or so.