How To Build Customizable Multitenant Web Applications


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To be hones I really didn't know what to expect from this talk. I was surprised by the approach and in the end the solution that was suggested.

I wasn't really convinced that a code factory would really solve this problem or make life easier. But as said in the talk, you need to make a decision, do you want to be Joda (Developer) or Darth Vader (Businessman). I think it's a talk that could lead into several interesting discussion.

So to round up, an interesting talk, a talk that make you think, maybe start a good discussion.

The title put me on the wrong foot. The presented case was clear (for every new customer you start with the code you made for the last... copybox effect). The solution (code generator) is one i have to think about. Loved the pictures of the (probably) Swiss Alps!

Although the presented solution wouldn't be of my personal preference, the different approaches to solving the problem were OK.
I had expected a bit more of this talk. Actually, i was hoping Stephan would present in-depth on how to solve this problem with constructions other than code generation. Which is, in my perspective, not the ideal way to fix this problem.

I didn't find the solution attractive enough, maybe as I am a developer rather than another Darth Vader... I believe that technology nowadays can provide batter ways to solve some of the problems mentioned.

Interesting problem! But, I'm not wild about generative programming. I hoped for more alternatives.

After seeing Stephan's first talk I was very curious what more he could teach me. And again I was amazed by his creativity on this subject. I had a pretty hard time following because of being worn out myself. But I got the good parts I bet, I do not always agree with the given solutions but they sure gave me something to think out and refine, if possible at all.