Scrum In The Wild


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Excellent talk on a complex subject, you picked the right level for a new audience, the bits missed out were appropriate. It was good to sell the concept!

I really liked the talk. I heard some nice tips which are easy to use in our team to get used to Scrum.

If I go to a talk about SCRUM in the wild, I presume SCRUM knowledge is mandatory.
As the description stated I like to see how Mike implemented it, what problems arose, how he overcame them, etc.
This however was a 40min rehash of what SCRUM actually was, and not very good at that if I may say so.
The interesting stuff was hurried in the end and went to fast for my taste.
I think there is a lot more potential in this talk if the SCRUM intro is kept to 10min tops and the experience part is given more time. Perhaps even an extra 10minutes for a Q&A with Mike.

Thanks Mike for the good presentation!
Would be great if you could post the slides here as well.
Thanks in advance!

Do you do company parties Mike ?

If it weren't for my interruptions you could have perhaps gone into the details you did not find time for...