Simplify the access to the cloud computing services with Zend_Cloud


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This was interesting to see how applications can easily be extended to make use of the available public cloud services, and how Zend Framework managed to abstract these services for easy implementation.

A very nice demo, which showed Amazon's EC2 in interaction with ZF's Cloud extensions.

I expected a lot more. But due to the slow connection to amazon the presentation was a bit slow as well. Also it felt like a sale pitch for Zend Server and Amazon. Which was kinda nice but not what I was hoping to seen.

Didn't really know what to expect from this talk but it ended up being both good and bad. I'm afraid some technical difficulties kept Jan from getting the most out of his presentation. There was some really interesting material in the presentation that I would have liked to see working in a live demo but the internet failure (Thanks for that Telenet) kept Jan from doing so.

I got a really clear answer to my question at the end though which makes up alot :)