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Better sandwiches than the DPC and there where beer... WUHU!

More vegetarian sandwiches next time please!

They were tasty.

My stomach was well filled the entire conference! Great work!

I can say that the catering was just excellent! There was enough food, drinks for everybody and you didn't have to wait. The hotel staff was really friendly! Thanks to the sponsors for the food & drinks!

Great service! Good Food.

Great Service, friendly staff, good (and enough) food!

Great food (quality & quantity), great service. Labels w/ sandwich content (IE for vegetarians, ppl w/ allergies..) wouldn't have hurt. Of course, waiters were always there for answers, so no problems.

Sandwiches were much better than I'm used to at a conference :-)

Sandwiches were very good.

Just perfect. Really!

Really good and enough! Great conference center.

Excellent stuff, nothing to complain about!

Only 1 thing missing: the like button!