Technical Debt


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Good talk, very good insights. Liked the discussion afterwards as well.

Greatest talk of the day, great speaker, super interesting discussion afterwards.
Elizabeth was catchy as no one today.

Nice talk and enjoyed the interventions from the other speakers and conversation afterwards!

Interesting talk and also a usefull discussion afterwards.
However, I now have a big list to work on.

Interesting talk. To say the least. I think the analogy between technical debt and money loaning was just superb. Most likely the best way to let people know what happens when lot of bad code is continuously being written and never refactored.

I've already undone the techical debt I had introduced in the rushed svn commit from last thursday...

Very interesting talk!

Great talk, good audience interaction.

This is the second time I've caught this one and have enjoyed it both times. This time there was less audience participation this time around but Scott & Paul added good things.