Testing Untestable Code


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Great talk. Nice, simple to understand examples on how to test your "untestable" code. Just what I need for my code. To bad you miss judged the time. You had time for more stuff.

Very interesting talk.. wasn't sure what to expect, but this was actually very useful and in-depth. Did find that initially you focused on code that's actually "fairly" testable (I mean, if you can do DI fairly easily, that means the original coder was at least using objects.. most of the really nasty code consists of PHPMyAdmin-like code, with piles of .php files being called directly, doing their thing. Later on in the talk, the really gory bits came, with Runkit / Classkit to top it off. While Runkit makes me cringe, it's good to see it mentioned as a last resort for such cases.

Nice talk. Deep technical insights and proper level of detail. Good speaker, though slides a bit hard to read.

Nice talk, good examples of howto face problems there are with testing code. Good to involve the audience into it by asking questions.

Good talk, I really liked audience interaction. During the presentation I realized that I already seen most of the slides from a German conference.

Learned some nasty tricks to debug legacy code. As already mentioned, the source code was hard to read from the fourth row and behind.

Great detail with the code, but slides were indeed sometimes not that easy to read

to make the code testable, you have to start refactoring. But to start refactoring you should have unit tests in the first place :-) Good point! And nice tricks to make code testable without changing it

For some reason, I was expecting more of this talk. Nice to see the tricks to get started testing.

Not quite what I expected, but still nice to be introduced to some tricks for testing legacy code.

Saw some nice tricks about testing untestable code.

This was one of my favorites, first I was looking at the most nasty tricks out there to test legacy code which you wouldn't want to touch. But the disclaimer in the end to always write good code made my day.

These are no measures to take when you write your own code, but when you get into a situation where you have to inherit someone else's dirt these tricks do come in handy!

I expected a little more of this talk. But learned some nice tricks for testing legacy code. Slides could be better.