Varnish, the high performance valhalla?


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Very detailed tech presentation of how to configure and work with Varnish. Great for tekkies!

good talk, gave some nice insights about how ESI is used in

I liked the reference to the client case, and real-life config/code examples on how to implement this further.

I was really interested in the subject and how Varnish actually works, don't really know a lot about it. I had the feeling that Jeroen was a bit unsure and that gave the feeling if he wasn't that well prepared. But I can say for sure that wasn't the problem.

The topics were very well explained and I got a good insight in how Varnish works and how it needs to be used. The examples given with the were very use full!

My advice would be to write much less on you slides, so that you do not start looking at them during. Maybe just write some small cards, with a few keywords on them to help you during the talk.

Probably not very used to speaking in front of an audience, but I didn't really mind. I had the feeling the speaker knew his subject very well. The examples were good and practical.

Topic was definitely interesting and presentation outline's been definitely well thought and organized. Speaker knew what he was talking about and you could easily perceive that. Also, the usage of a real world example, has been very helpful. Due to a "flat" presentation style, speaker hasn't been able to always keep attendance attention to an high level though. Some jokes or even just changes of pace would've helped a lot. Also, at a certain point, when the speaker asked whether there were questions, he didn't notice people politely raising their hands, and only gave answers to those calling for his attention aloud. I think this contributes to encouraging wrong behaviors, which is not good (very personal point of view though). I'm sure that working on these communication "issues" would bring MAJOR improvements to an otherwise great talk, with lot of potential.

Thanks for criticism... I can only agree.... First talk ever and then such an audience and room. Wasn't really expecting that... I hope the info still was good enough!

It was great to see something about varnish. I liked the examples and how you can use it with ZF. Next time, just relax during your talk.

Nice tall, but the speaker should be more interacting with his audience.

I agree w/ t.bevers