XML versus the New Kids On The Block


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Great stuff. To bad some d.... kept interrupting. The presenter is one of the best I ever seen

I'll add to jach! Tnx for the presentation, but please someone jfrixnbr that guy!

Great talk, probably the best one of the conference. Clear and funny, the way it's supposed to be. Enjoyed David his personal views on the subject.

Great talk about when and when not to use XML and its alternatives. And how to do it right. All delivered with his German spirit.

Loved the talk.
Gave me good insight on when to use XML and when to use JSON.

This guy's presence on stage is simply amazing. Good jokes and change of pace managed to always keep the attendance alive (as others pointed out, even too much at times :-P). Topic's also been very interesting and he managed to convey all important aspects about XML, Json and YAML; he definitely made it clear when it's most advisable to use each one of those and avoid poor technical choices.

Great presentation. I found the speaker's presentation on RESTful interfaces even more interesting. I do think he was one of the best speakers at the conference. I'm sure he can make any topic interesting.