Zend framework 2.0: What’s New And What’s Changed?


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Nice peek into the future...

Finally a chance to see this talk, job well don Rob. Hope to participate more this year.

Curious about the new release. I definitately download the milestone-beta's to test it out..

Nice talk, gets you in the mood to participate in the ZF2 development. Cloned the GIT repo already!

Nice talk! Interesting to find out what will be in ZF 2.0. Can't wait to start using it, but I guess we have to wait for a final release somewhere by the end of this year...

When will ZF2 be finished?! ;)

Good talk, the microphone/audio wasn't working correctly though :(

Nice talk, although it became clear that zf 2.0 is still a moving target, since many of the things discussed are in the idea stage and not finalized yet.

Good talk, but it showed that ZF2 still needs a fair amount of work :(

To be hones, this was for me the talk I was looking forward to the most! But as the talk started I didn't really got a feeling that Rob was really enthusiastic about zf 2.0

As the talk went along I could actually understand a bit why..
Of course it would have been so cool to announce that zf 2.0 would be launched within a few weeks, but since there is still a lot of work to be done and things to decide it just wasn't possible.

The talk in general was good and I got a good insight in which direction zf 2.0 will go, we got some nice examples on how things will work in zf 2.0 (e.g. namespaces) and what the benefits are.

Looking forward to zf 2.0, whenever it will be done :-)

A talk about all the things better in 2.0. Release date not in sight. Volume was a problem for me. Liked the speaker.

Good overview about which pain points in ZF1 will be tackled in ZF2. Too bad there wasn't much enthusiasm radiating from Rob; maybe because we're still in an early stage of development.

Although I'd seen some slide of Matthew Weier O'Phinney on Slideshare about the same topic, I'm glad I attended this talk! Rob gave some nice insights about the challenges the team is facing and what we can expect of the new version of this awesome framework.

It was nice hearing all the status information scattered over the ZFDEV2 wiki gathered in one talk.
Thumbs up for the presentation!

Informative but not what i had expected. I expected code examples of how ZF2 will tackle some of the issues or drawbacks with ZF1. My guess is that ZF2 is still too early in development to compile this kind of information in a talk so that is why i'm a bit disappointed in the contents of this talk. Rob on the other hand has his own way to giving presentations and it never the less is a joy to hear him talk.

I was hoping to see some code examples. Seems it is way to early to see them. I will have to wait until the conference next year.

It was also a little hard to understand Rob.

I hoped to hear more about the MVC part, which seems like the most important part of ZF, and maybe something about Doctrine2 integration. That was a disappointment for me personally, but too soon I guess. The rest was primo stuff!

Although I don't think the learning curve is as steep as you said, it's certainly nice to hear that apart from pure performance documentation and the 'hidden magic' are considered important enough to be improved.

I'm guessing that all components, modules, plugins etc will also need to be updated to work with ZF2. Will this be structured in some way or will we just have to wait and see?

I think this talk should be done when zf2 is about to release.