An introduction to Phing the PHP build system


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Very nice presentation.

Good talk! Liked the down-to-Earth approach.

very useful information. thanks

Too bad about the demo ;) Nice, well articulated & structured talk, especially the management perspective.

Clear presentation. Gave me a lot of information to think about.

A very clear and obviously well-prepared presentation on Phing. The absence of the live-demo because of the technical issues didn't bother me at all and the slides coming after that still explained very well how Phing can be used. I think the webistrano-question someone asked could have been answered better (Webistrano is a front-end for capistrano: a deployment tool. Phing is a build tool and by it's very nature meant for different purposes), but overall it was a very clear and well presented introduction!

Oh, so that's what this phing is all about! I learnt a lot, will be using it, got clear info. Next time skip the live demo because it so wasn't needed anyway! Great talk :D

I would've liked to see more examples of deploy scripts or some complex examples.

Anonymous at 21:23 on 29 Jan 2012

Anonymous at 21:23 on 29 Jan 2012

Enjoyed the structure and pacing. Slides were fairly clear, though I personally would have gone for less text on them. Would have liked to see some more configuration examples (e.g. I've never set up Jenkins with Phing before, seeing the connection would have been useful). Seeing screenshots from real projects is cool, but maybe a mocked up project to show some more variety in the graphs/reports might have illustrated the point better. Demo's failing is always annoying, but you were prepared for it and the transition was pretty smooth. Definitely glad I made it though ;)