Magic Behind the Numbers – Software Metrics In Practice


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Nice talk with a lot of good information, professional speaker
The talk was interesting, but maybe missed a little bit of personal touch or humor

Nice to see PHPDepend improved a lot lately and to learn about the PHP plugin for Sonar. I loved reading the book as well so I was wondering about the status of PHP support for metrics (which wasn't that good 1 year ago)

good talk, learned some new interesting metrics

Great overview of very useful information and a decent presentation.

Really great talk! Gained some new insights in producing numbers that actually mean something than just doing some math with available tools without context.

Very good talk, finally understood some of the concepts in the metrics we use on our day to day.

Good talk. Got some better insights in all the metrics!

Great thank you for submitting this as a talk. I learned a lot from it. Also very decent presentation.

Good introduction, good presentation.

Interesting talk, but a little too much into numbers for me. Rather i would've been more interested into hearing about the essence of the tools that use the metrics.

The slides that compared the metrics to other languages were interesting to see though. Also, it was well presented, very knowledgeable!