Zend Framework 2


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Nice overview of the ZF2 state, but had hoped it would get more in detail.

good talk. but is would be nice if it was more like a workshop. more a hands on session

I really liked Matthews honest enthousiasm and the fact that he wasnt afraid to pull out his Vim and delve into the code.
His example app could have been more enhanced than the simple contactform.
But he really made up with his detailed answers of audience questions (also outside the.talk).
Also, i love to see the zf2 project picking up pace!

The presentation started of well with an overview of some of the stuff that's in ZF2. As a workshop it was a bit disappointing we didn't get to code more. That was probably due to a lack of time. Luckily Matthew had prepared a finished example that we can now use to look at again in more detail.

Good introduction but I expected more from a workshop/tutorial than watching slides and some code samples, more hands-on would be desirable.

On the other hand, you can't get a higher profile than matthew to give this talk. The quality of the talk was as always high and easy to follow.

Great workshop! It didn't bother me there wasn't more hands-on work during the presentation because that probably wouldn't have worked anyway in just 4 hours. I learned a lot of new stuff and the example project helped a lot to explain how things are done in ZF2. I'm sure I will look back at my notes, the slide deck and the example application a lot once I get to play around with ZF2. Thank you very much, this was a very useful session for me!

I can only agree with Harrie before me. Not a lot hands-on, but that didn't bother me at all.

The tutorial gave an excellent introduction to the new version of the framework. Now it's time to play a bit more with zf2!

Agree with Harrie and Richard. I did play with ZF2 Skeleton before the conference and was glad my initial WTF? got sorted out.
Matthew === The Man!