Application Logic Security


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Very good speaker. Interesting tips on how to secure parts of your application.

Anonymous at 17:04 on 26 Jan 2013

Thank you Ilia for sharing all this information. This went way beyond the standard security issues, and tought me quite a few new things, and made me realize some mistakes I've made in the past. Very clearly presented, explained very well.

Great talk at a good pace. The start of the talk contained some duplicate information from an earlier talk. However, later in the talk many interesting parts were addressed. I expect most developers have already (some of) the suggestions implemented, but a complete overview is always good to have.

Informative talk with a lot of good practice reminders. I liked the session security part. Some stuff we take for granted but actually should double check for sure.

Great talk, learned some new stuff and refreshed some stuff I already knew but didn't implement.

Good overview again, *a lot* of information (almost overwhelming). I already reviewed your other talk and only now find the word I was looking for to describe how I experience your style of presentation: clinical. As an attendee, I personally would like to see more humour in your otherwise excellent talks.

Have work to do to enhance security.
Great talk, not to quick, content to the point.

Wow! Dude you talk fast :)

The information was extremely dense and that is not a complaint! The advise was sound and spot-on ( I kind of disagreed on one point, but agreeing on everything is boring either way ).

Anonymous at 16:30 on 28 Jan 2013

Good talk, a lot of information, but useful information.

Good talk. The talk looked at other topics than most of the XSS/SQL injections talks.
The source examples sometimes break the IoC pattern. But I guess it's for demonstration only.