Being grumpy for fun and profit


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Nice talk, made some good points. Some we all should know but neglect from time to time :p

Incredible talk that everyone who considers themselves a professional developer should hear...

WINNING keynote *again*. I'd seen it before, but it was still good.

Good entertaining keynote to kickoff the conference. Recognisable as well :)

Guiding words and sound advice from an experienced programmer that we should keep improving ourselves by being grumpy.

Great presentation!

Great keynote! Thought-provoking to say the least.

Great talk, nice to hear it's not necessarily a bad thing to be grumpy :-)

Loved the keynote! The jack of all trades ethos really rung a bell!

Really good talk. Lots of insightfull advice. Enjoyed it a lot. Have to get my grumpy side more practice, I think I am a little bit too optimistic at the moment ;)

Great keynote; I enjoyed the style of the presenter but would have liked to see his slides provide more emphasis at the important bits to empower an already powerful story.

Great keynote! Nice to hear that being grumpy is a good quality :)

Good keynote. Especially that I have experienced some of this "grumpy moods" myself. Things I would improve - slides, while I don't usually consider them very important a bit of "styling" and personalisation would help a lot. Also there was no clear conclusion. I have found my conclusion, especially after talking to Chris, but it would be good to have a key summary at the end.

Great Keynote, second time I have seen it and it does a great job of making us react to the future, not just accept everything that comes.

Read the book, enjoyed the keynote. I'm Statler and Waldorf rolled into one once in a while, so what was mentioned sounded all to familiar (must be the age I guess :p). Keep on being grumpy...

sometimes, we need more grumpymists in our world

Inspirational talk. Articulated things I knew subconsciously. My relationship with Optimists is much clearer now and this will lead to good things in business.

I really enjoyed the philosophical approach and I thought the analysis was pretty spot-on. I feel inspired to be more grumpy, myself! You did lose me a bit with the GWF part, which may be my fault as much as yours of course, but I didn't get the reference and feel lost as to which parties are fighting what battle on which grounds.

Very inspirational keynote! I was all ears :)

Great talk. I enjoyed it and it got me thinking. I'm probably the optimist, but hey, we're needed too :-)

I really enjoyed this talk! I like it when talks go beyond programming or techniques. It also gave me some insights to be a little more grumpy in an optimistic mood, just for my own good.

Yeah, an actual conclusion and some slide decorations would've been nice, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Great and inspiring keynote.

Pleasant keynote, nice to hear the grumpy irl for once. I got lost a litte during the cold-war references but otherwise it was very much enjoyable.

Inspiring keynote. Wish the slides were more than just black text on white backgrounds but that can be said for a lot of the talks.

The message of the keynote was solid and explained a lot about the grumpy ethos. I will not be feeling guilty for putting my grumpy hat on at work.

Nice keynote. Had some shocking truths

Anonymous at 16:20 on 28 Jan 2013

Great keynote!

Great, entertaining keynote highlighting some important points.

Anonymous at 17:04 on 29 Jan 2013

Loved it. Gave me a look inside the head of a good programmer.