Continuous Inspection: Fight back the 7 deadly sins of a developer!


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Very clear and enjoyable presentation of Continuous Inspection and SonarSource :)

A good overview of Sonar. I really enjoyed the live Sonar demo. The seven deadly sins description was a fun way to discuss why these metrics are important and how technical debt creeps in on all of us.

nice overview and summary of our sins, but maybe i wanted more alternative applications next to sonar

I knew CI and now I also know CI. Good presentation with great demo. You asked for bad feedback. Sorry - cant give you one.

Good followup to last year's talk. I really should get sonar setup soon to complement our continuous integration :)

Nice feature set demonstration of Sonor.
Also, the deadly sins list, recognisable, I'll keep it in mind :)

I knew about Sonar, but didn't pay much attention to it just yet. It's an interesting tool, but with all those metrics: there's some theory behind every metric. If you know what you're doing (you know what the metrics stand for) this can be a powerful tool. The last part of the demo was a little bit chaotic and could've used some more structure.

I especially liked the beginning of the presentation: the psychological part, seeing developers as actual people and holding them a kind of mirror for some good old self-reflection :-)

Defining the sins was nicely done, but for the rest it was to much repetition of last year's sonar talk.

Good talk overall. I liked the "soft" side of the talk that explained how we all write bad code sometimes for various reasons (and should remeber to go back and fix it later). For some of the "sins" I think the analogy was sometimes a little far fetched, and sometimes the bullet points in the slide didn't really correspond with the explanation. For some of the sin slides there were also a little bit too many bullet points maybe, just pick few key aspects and explain them clearly.

The Sonar demo was very informative and I have been planning on starting to use it just lately, so this talk was a good fit for me. Now I better understand what it does and how it can be integrated into the workflow of my development team. A few times it was just a little bit confusing with all the jumping between browser tabs, maybe should have a few less tabs open and navigate more using the links and menus inside the app.