Git and GitHub: Level Up


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Good introductory talk. I learned a thing or two, but I hoped for a bit more in-depth stuff.
Ben did a very good job. He has found the right pace and, although he keeps telling us he's a bit scattered this morning and although he does some live bash'ing, his talk is well-structured and easy to follow.

Ben did a really good job. Nice talk, I learned a lot. Since I'm not a git user. Also the internal story about what git does and how it works was really good for my understanding of what happens.

Only the part about creating branches was a bit hard to follow. There where to many lines to understand what happened. Maybe some highlighting of the workflow will help?

Great talk to get started with Git. very informative

First tutorial for me at a conference but a great experience. I already knew a lot of subjects presented during this class but I still learned a few tips and tricks. The Q&A in the last 40 minutes was a great moment to ask some questions which I had on my mind for quite a while.

The tutorial was well presented and well brought. Ben was always clear and explained every subject thoroughly. I really liked the hands-on examples he showed, that really helped tutorial along a lot.