Inside the Symfony 2 DIC and Config


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Very interesting workshop. This was well presented and showed really advanced techniques with the container configuration of Symfony. This workshop may have be really better with less people in the room but Andreas did the job great. Thanks for it.

This talk didn't deliver on it's promise to go 'beyond adding custom services' and seemed to go very slowly, only getting interesting in the last half hour. However my colleagues that were inexperienced in Symfony2 liked the level and pace of this workshop.

I liked the presentation style and how the speaker pushed the changes he made to Github so people could catch up if it wasn't going as planned.

It was noticeable that the audience was diverse, but I personally would have liked more best practices on how to approach specific problems and what the more advanced attributes do as 'scope' or how to approach shared services.

Nonetheless it was good to see this topic in a practical light and how to define a configuration for a bundle.