Raffles & Closing


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Good amount of prizes to raffle, nice kudos to sponsors/volunteers/organizers/speakers and ofcourse an epic stressballfight :)

I did not mind the number of false tickets, kept things exciting. And thumbs up for the epic fight!

Nice lottery!

As a first year visitor, it was unclear to me what numbers where being picked though.

At first i was checking out the namecard, but I didn't spot any number on that.
Then i thought you needed to register for this lottery, only after that, realizing the ticket was inside the goodiebag (which i probably didn't see when i got it, and at that moment, was in my cars trunk).

I didn't mind that much, it was just unclear, and i think that's where a lot of false tickets could come from. (If it was in the keynote, forget this feedback, i missed the first 20 minutes of the keynote, unfortunately).

I liked the ending, enthousiasm, and general spirit though!
Keep up the good work! I'd love to come back again next year!

Haha! Was fun, stressballfight, EPIC :D

An event to remember !

The core team, volunteers, sponsors and speakers cannot be thanked enough.

So: Thanks, hopefully till next year.

Can we have a stressball fight again next year?

Brilliant and chaotic ending!

Perhaps you should revert to asking people to put their card in a box somewhere to avoid the raffle hassle next time ;)

EPIC stressbalfight is EPIC

Great closing, good to see so many prizes to raffle, impressive statistics. Perhaps it was a bit too long.

totally loved the stressball fight :-) and great to see there are that many conferences coming up, both northern europe and around the world.

agree with freek lijten about the raffle. maybe people should get a two-part lottery ticket and be asked to drop one half of it into an urn at the entrance, to make reasonably sure the drawn tickets actually are in the audience. (would also help shuffle them...)

Anonymous at 16:31 on 28 Jan 2013

Memorable ending of the conference!

Agreed with all above, it was EPIC!

The raffle could have been handled some other way perhaps, but overall it was a great and funny way to end a great conference. Thank you so much!

Although I did not win anything I got the chance to throw stressballs at the organizers and the speakers. Geeky but a lot of fun. :)

Max rating for the stressball fight alone :D Only the raffle has been a bit tedious, and I forgot to bring my raffle code, too (I looked at it afterwards and I don't think my number had been drawn anyways).

One great thing was that you introduced many sponsors en detail and personally, because many of them had a person there! Although this took a while, I think it's deserved!