React: Event-driven PHP


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Anonymous at 14:32 on 26 Jan 2013

Anonymous at 14:32 on 26 Jan 2013

Anonymous at 14:33 on 26 Jan 2013

Good info, nice talk tnx

A very good introduction to non-blocking I/O and event loops in PHP, as well as a good overview about reactPHP. One demo didn't work quite as expected, but that's always a risk with live demos under unknown network conditions. Bonus points for the Half-Life / Portal reference, extra bonus points for Pony.

Anonymous at 14:44 on 26 Jan 2013

Bit complex.
Would like to gave seen more demo and real world examples.

Very passionate and pleasant speaker.
Great explanations throughout the presentation, supported by cool analogies and sketches, making sense all the way to the end.
I became aware of the existence of several libraries => something new to play with => happy to have attended.

As a suggestion maybe another demo could have been prepared even if not interactive but in case the interactive one failed.

Nice description of what's in the React library. I didn't know there was already so much work done. More real-world examples would have been nice, especially in the last part (websockets etc.)

Great speaker and good talk. Learned a lot of new stuff.
I also agree with the comments above about giving some more demos.

I have no idea what I should do with React*, and I don't care. This talk was awesome! It was well structured, the speaker was funny and engaging, confident and composed (telephone goes off, "silence!" and speaker continues, hilarious!)

* The talk made everything clear, I just have no business case for it :)

I loved this talk. The way the speaker improvised to make it funny with the little things like mic and water glas, throwing out a price was also a good idea. I also liked the way the speaker presented it in a very relaxed confident manner.

To make the talk even more inspirational it would be awesome if it included some more real examples of what you can DO with react; Especially needed if the live-demo fails, which the speaker also managed to handle in a good way by going on instead of trying too much with it :-)

Anonymous at 23:20 on 27 Jan 2013

Best talk of the conference to me. Igor spoke well, perhaps a few too many water pauses but no major complaints. The real star of the talk wasn't React itself but the breakdown of the architecture behind the whole thing. Lots of interesting coverage about structure and patterns used, which is much more interesting than lots of node-alike code samples. In the end, I wasn't sold on using React for any project but still enjoyed the talk greatly.

A thousand times beter than the previous talk you gave at the conference :) Really well prepared, informative and relaxed.

Content wise I would have loved to see some practical use-cases and implementations (delve deeper into the chat client you demo'd)

Good presentation, a bit complex, but thats OK. However at the end I was not sold to use React over Node. React looks more like proof of concept not something to be used in real life. If thats really so, then I guess there was nothing you could have done differently. However if React is real competitor for Node, then something was not said or shown.

Even if I wouldn't care about the topic of the talk this would have been entertaining. Great speaker, great talk! It is a shame that the speaker had to admit react is slower than node.js or we would have to deal with one word less in our buzzword bingo!

Missing some real world examples here. Great speaker with a good sense of humor.

Anonymous at 16:28 on 28 Jan 2013

Great talk. Igors relaxed attitude and witty humor really makes for an entertaining presentation. So much interesting things happening under the React namespace. Really makes me wish I had a real world use case for it.

As I like node.js very much, I was really looking forward to this presentation, and I was not disappointed. I like the calm and structured flow of your presentations. ReactPHP is already a great achievement, and I hope you guys can even improve it over time.

I agree that one or two real-word examples would have been great, as someone mentioned, because live demos are always tricky. But I can't wait to try it out myself anyway, so that's not a problem ;)

Good talk, the only thing I missed, was a reasoning why we would use React over Node (expect its written in PHP).
But the talk itself was good, nice stream of information, complex but not overwhelming.