Regex clinic


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Nice talk with some great examples. I finally understand what I'm doing! And realized there is still a lot to learn (or remember :))

Andrei did a great job stepping through from simple to more complex. I appreciated knowing the why behind some of the suggestions (like why being greedy can be counterproductive). One suggestion would be to have more real-life examples of each topic (perhaps continuously build on one very complex one throughout the talk as well as having individual examples that only apply to the current topic). Another idea would be to offer to ideas for ways to remember things, like emphasizing that \b stands for boundary (you mentioned this, but making it more of a point may make it easier for people to remember), to help make this more readable to newcomers. Also, the grey on the slides was a little tough to read. All in all, an excellent talk, and I am very excited to learn more about regex.

It was a nice talk although I hoped Andrei would have gone into more details instead of the whole beginning being about what regex actually is. He thereby ended up not having enough time at the end and skipping through some detailed stuff. But that aside, a very educative talk. Thanks Andrei.

Great talk! I learned new things and it was very well presented. Thank you very much for this.

Good talk. Nice overview on the possibilities.
But sometimes it felt as if reading the manual would tell me the same thing.

Good talk and overview all most used things in regex world. Learned some things.

Very good talk, I always learn new things for this. Yes you could find it in manual, but it is also a good refresher and you don't always have time to read the manual. Loved the examples!

Anonymous at 14:42 on 26 Jan 2013

Good rundown general and less general regex knowledge.

The introduction to regex in general was a bit long (a assume every PHP-developer has used regex at some point already). However, very good talk and very good presented.

Very good talk, started with the basics, and covered almost everything there is to know about regexes. Some more advanced examples would be nice however.

I thought the introduction was a bit too long but towards the end the talk became very interesting.

Nice talk, starting from scratch and going to expert in 1 hour.

I knew how to write some basic regexes, but after this talk, I knew a lot of features i didn't know about, and learned to to improve efficiency.

The only feedback point is, give some quick samples and explenation in the introduction. A friend of mine, sitting next to me, didn't knew about regexes, and then the introduction is vague. He got it by the end of the talk though :)

Interesting talk.

I was pretty good at the basics, but you've shown me I still have quite a way to go!

Anonymous at 16:21 on 28 Jan 2013

Great session, learned a lot of things about regex that were unclear to me before.
Great explanation and presentation structure.

Really enjoyed the session. Finally some gaps have been filled. Only wished you had more time to cover more topics.

Anonymous at 17:02 on 29 Jan 2013

As a starter in coding, this session was very helpfull. The first part was easy to understand, so great. At the end I lost it, but that's not due to the speaker.

Interesting talk, good overview, easy to follow slides. Just one thing, the speaker didn't seem to be very enthousiastic about the topic :)