Scaling your development team


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Anonymous at 16:04 on 26 Jan 2013

Anonymous at 16:17 on 26 Jan 2013

Very good talk. Will try out phabricator, looks like a very useful tool.

Just awesome to have some insights in Facebook's processes. Very interesting to learn about Phabricator!

Great presentation style. Very informative to see how huge companies work with people and handle coding. I would like to see you do more presentations.

Very interesting talk with live demo. Definitely worth looking into the toolset once your company starts growing.

Nice peek inside facebook but Phabricator was the most interesting part of this talk.

i think the talk did not really deliver its title.
but it was well presented and brought to us some nice tools

The scale Facebook is working on is almost unimaginable to me. Thanks for sharing some of your insights, experiences and troubles. You're a good, confident and witty speaker and the talk was good. At times, due to the questions, it was a bit tough to follow, but that's to be expected with so many people curious about Facebook's inner workings.

Interesting to see the workflow of a facebook developer.
I also like how Phabricator looks like! I'm definitly going to check that out!

Sometimes, a few words, I couldn't understand because of the 'speed/accent' being spoken.
But i could follow the total talk fine though.
I think it's when the speaker gets excited about a topic to explain about, that that can kick in. :)

Nevertheless an inspiring talk about large development/operational teams needing to work together.


Anonymous at 17:24 on 27 Jan 2013

interesting look at the development process at facebook.

Anonymous at 23:25 on 27 Jan 2013

A few interesting processes here, but most of the presentation seemed like a demo of their Phabricator tool. No real advice about managing or scaling out an actual team, six week long bootcamps aren't really an option for most companies. Still, an interesting look at how major companies do it.

Side note: considering Facebook's reputation, the speaker would occasionally make mad scientist style comments without realizing how they sounded ("New Zealand is the perfect testbed."). Both amusing and maybe a little creepy.

Nice talk with a behind the scenes look of the development process at Facebook.
Took some interesting ideas and best practises home with me.

It's just amazing to see someone talk about how a team of 1000 engineers work together and gets things done. An inspiration!

It is always interesting to hear how a company as large as Facebook solves things. If the speaker knows what he is doing it becomes even better. Nice talk, good speaker and an interesting topic :) It did not really stick to its title though, but it was interesting nonetheless!

You're obviously an experienced speaker, it shows in the fluency of your talk the way the presentation builds up (and the presentation-design-team surely helped, I'm sure :)).

However, I was expecting a different kind of talk based on the title. This was a very good guideline on the tools used to scale, but it didn't really show the painpoints in scaling a developer team, what went wrong and what went right. At what point did you first start splitting teams? When did the need for self-written internal tools exceed the availability of tools out there?

Nonetheless, this was informative and funny, I'd love to see more of these kind of talks. :-)

It did not really stick to its title though, but it was interesting

Took some very interesting insights from this session. In the end it seemed a bit "unorganized". Not that it disturbed. It was still a lot of fun and interesting. Just recognized it.

Great talk, good to see and hear how a really large development team handles release management, and what tools they use.

The title is just a bit confusing, haven't heard much about scaling the team itself, more about the effects of the scaling.

Very interesting talk. A lot of insights of how Facebook is maintaining his hube engineering team. Was impressed by the server specs of the development VM -> 1.2 TB memory!!!