Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure


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Nice talk to get to know about Ansible for this first time.

Nice talk. Easy to understand and follow. Never saw anything on Ansible before so this was a great introduction talk.

Nice introduction with an exciting live demo :-)
Good to follow, also with little knowledge of other configuration tools.

Clear and practical talk about Ansible, it's features and workings. Recommended.

I never heard of Ansible before and this was a great introduction. Time for some experimentation with a vagrant box. Live demos are dangerous, but you managed well despite of the vm troubles.

For the attendees of this talk:
the website that was given by someone of the audience is It generates the Ansible files to provision vagrantboxes to your liking.
Dear audience member, thank you.

A good introduction to ansible, a tool i only had heard the name of, before this conference. I appreciated being shown some "real" configuration files and how they are organized - but actually running the commands was not that interesting. Instead, i would have loved to see a custom extension in PHP, this kind of stayed with the claim that its pretty easy without proving it.

I've already experimented a little with Ansible, but still managed to learn some new things and how it stacks up against Salt, Puppet, Chef, cfEngine.