Apigility: Agile APIs


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Anonymous at 11:00 on 25 Jan 2014

Great talk covering all aspects of APIs, and where Apigility comes in.

very interesting, especialy interesting to see how incomplete some of our apis are

Interesting talk. Nice to know which parts a developer normally forgets about.
But I'm not confinced yet if I want to use Apigility for this.

Have been wanting to take a look at Apigility for quite a while so this talk was very interesting. It gave me a nice overview of the tool. I definitely will think about using it for the next time I need to build an API.

Solid introduction on apigility pointing out what the tool can do for you as a developer of an API.
Explains the design decisions that were made while building the tool and a little bit about the standards being used (HAL, why json, api-problem+json).

Good talk that makes clear the amount of thinking and work that goes into creating a good API, and why you should think twice before attempting to create your own.

Good introduction to Apigility, especially combined with the personal demo you gave me later on the same day. I have it installed and running now and are learning AngularJs as an extra benefit. For those who do not know: the UI javascript of Apigility is done using AngularJs.

I especially like how you detailed the content negociation benefits of Apigility and emphasized those points where building an api will become difficult without some wise choices. It's great to have a tool now that lets us focus on our business value.

Btw: Good to see you could still present well so early in the morning after Belgium beer and bumper cars.