Application monitoring with Heka and statsd


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Anonymous at 13:31 on 25 Jan 2014

Intresting, but a bit messy and confuse.
But I will try heka so the goal is achieve

Anonymous at 13:59 on 25 Jan 2014

Agree with the above comment, presentation style is a little bit confusing.

As said by others, it was sometimes hard to follow. Was also not really convinced to start using Heka, as it does not really seem that "ready for production" yet.

The talk was at times a bit complicated for a rookie like myself but overall a good presentation on how to use this relatively new tool.

Could have been a more interesting talk since it was about a real implementation of a promising bleeding edge technology. Some tips to make it a 4 star talk: speak louder and a little better preparation.

Interesting topic and Heka has potential to be a great tool, too bad it's not there yet. Also the presentation style could be improved a little bit as others have said. But all in all, it was informative and I will be following what happens with Heka and maybe try it out some time.

It's an interesting topic, but I think the presentation of this talk can be improved