Design Patterns Workshop


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Great tutorial, great speaker. Clear to understand, good pace. Often asked for questions but everything was well explained so I almost never had any questions.

Also great that you started out with explaining SOLID. That was a great way to start off.

Good tutorial for those not yet familiar with, or actively using, design patterns. As an introduction, Brandon also gives a clear introduction of the SOLID design principles. Brandon explains all this in a concise and clear manner, while pointing out trade-offs one sometimes has to make between SOLID principles and design patterns best practices.

Having very little experience in OOP, Brandon's talk was still very clear. Brandon is able to explain abstract and complex concepts in a way they seem logical and simple.

Interesting tutorial. Good speaker, explained well.

Anonymous at 13:33 on 26 Jan 2014

You lost me for a moment with the Chain of Responsibility, but all other patterns were completely clear to me after the workshop, i really enjoyed the talk and the way you made difficult concepts sound really simple and clear. Code examples were efficient too. thanks!