Extract Till You Drop


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Personally I found this demo to be a really nice introduction into refactoring legacy code. Afterwards though a few of my colleagues stated most of the information had already been presented in the talk with Tobias Schlitt the day before.

The demo was a good introduction into refactoring. You made some interesting changes I wouldn't have come up with.

What a beautiful way to demonstrate testing and code refactoring!
Excellent job of explaining the reasoning behind the tests and refactor steps at the same time. I really enjoyed the renaming of the extracted methods and making the code look beautiful and clean.

I think you also succeeded in making a hard and sometimes boring task look like it actually could be a lot of fun!

I must RTFM of PHPStorm!! This demo made me realise I wasn't using all its potential!

Yes, great to see how testing also helps in refactoring.

Very nice hands on presentation. Got some tips to use when refactoring, like the way he used the guard methods was nice. And it was nice that it was not perfect at the end, but good enough. That's something that has to be kept in mind when refactoring in real life also.

This was just awesome. So many little tips and tricks! I enjoy the theoretical talks for sure, but seeing someone's experience in action was really valuable.

You scared me when you flagged that code as legacy; I've seen so much worse!
Also, thanks for not using vim. I have nothing against vim, but PhpStorm deserves a spotlight moment too. I've been using it for years, including the refactorings, and it's a really awesome tool.

Very, very cool talk.

As a "new to PHPUnit" guy, I got my kicks and also learned some really neat tricks.

Great talk! Didn't know about all these PhpStorm macros.
The demo was very clear with some nice Design Patterns. Keep up the good work!

Mad PhpStorm skillz yo! Besides that, Mathias offered some very interesting viewpoints on refactoring code. Made me think more about extracting code and the correct place to insert it again.

Great! Yes, testing makes sure you don't break stuff... I feel that maybe there could be some win in this talk by having some snippets prepared, saving time and getting more information into it, also the presenting style might have been a bit monotonic. Other than that - Great and educative, I got a lot out of it, thanks!