Functional Application Design in PHP


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Anonymous at 16:53 on 24 Jan 2014

Topic is good and informational. However, presentation slides not easy to read, small fonts and colors not contrast enough.

Interesting talk!
But in my opinion way to much info on the slides, which makes it hard to concentrate on the story instead on the slides.

Very interesting content, but the presentation could be a bit better, mainly because of the slides (though the lost 10 minutes were an issue as well ofcourse)

Anonymous at 18:08 on 24 Jan 2014

Lots of food for thought. Think the presentation suffered quite a bit due to technical difficulties and a crappy room. Speaker did make the mistake of apologizing a lot, which makes it hard to not feel like there has to be something wrong with the talk.

Readability of the slides was indeed the major problem with this talk. This was partly due to the design of the slides themselves (too much and too small text), but also due to the bad projector setup and lighting in the room. A second screen was installed towards the back of the room, but due to the fact it was directly underneath a ceiling lamp, as well as a badly functioning or adjusted projector, it was almost completely useless (the screen in the front of the room was still more readable for those in the back!). Otherwise the talk was informative for OO focused developers, challenging accepted practices.

i think the previous comments cover most problems. in general the speaker seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject but the bringing of the knowledge to the other people was a bit lacking

Giving a probably 90 min presentation in what should be a 60 min presentation is just a bad idea. Especially when you lose some time. Slides were bad as well, black background with colored text is just a bad idea.

I really liked the idea and the topic of the presentation.

I think the main problem with the presentation was the fact that it was already of ambitious length without losing ten minutes to technology failure.

All in all it was interesting, I would like to see this talk again when you do have enough time.

Anonymous at 09:28 on 27 Jan 2014

The slides and the speaker's accent were issues for me. Fewer words per slide (especially for those of in the back) and making them appear line-by-line would help, otherwise it's too easy to read ahead and lose track of what the speaker was saying. In addition, I also felt the speaker was being vaguely insulting to the audience at times, with remarks about freelancers, intelligence levels and other subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs.

The topic was interesting, the speaker had some interesting graphics on labor division with different paradigms, and there was a reasonably good intro to functional programming in here. There were some good observations in here and I liked the too-short attempt to explain how modern frameworks might work in a functional paradigm, including entity manipulation. The speaker also stayed fairly calm despite losing time to technical issues and tried to adjust his talk accordingly.

I think this talk has potential but perhaps it needs a different setup and perhaps a slightly different attitude from the speaker.

A very interesting topic and obviously a very knowledgeable speaker. I think there is a lot of value in these ideas and commend you for bringing them up.

However I feel that the topic is not intermediate, but advanced. Judging by the amount of slides you skipped, there was way too much you wanted to share in way too little time - the ten minute delay notwithstanding. The functional paradigm is hard to grasp for people who have been doing almost exclusively procedural or OO and you need to be more empathetic towards your audience if you want to deliver your message better.

I feel there is a lot of potential in this talk hope you can deliver it again, with a bit less content, clearer slides and on a conference with less technical difficulties :)

Anonymous at 12:29 on 27 Jan 2014

Good intro on functional programming. Slides where ok, but next time a bit more focus on an actual webapp example

It was unclear in which use-cases you should recommend using a functional application. Maybe you should try to work around a concrete example, to find out what you want to accomplish.
In most applications, I would not want to use this syntax that looks like javascript promises.

Very interesting subject. Unfortunately, it was brought in a rather academic way: unclear slides, some statistics and some difficulties explaining things clearly to the audience.
As other people mentioned, this talk has a lot of potential. It should just be shorter, have better slides and a subset of the content.